The purpose of this “GBVF Health Check” survey is to help organisations in the GBVF Collective assess how they are doing when it comes to GBVF-related behaviours, policies, and practices, and to identify actions they might take to improve their performance and their alignment with best practices in the field.

The results of this survey will only be shared with the contact person that you designate. Results from all participating organisations will be aggregated by municipality, district and province to identify trends and to allow each organisation to compare its results with the aggregated results of its peer organisations.  

After filling this out and submitting it, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to an anonymous version of this survey.  Please share the link with your staff and ask everyone in your organisation to complete it within 10 days. Please reassure them about their anonymity and the importance of answering questions candidly. The purpose of this survey is not to judge the organisation, but simply to guide its improvement efforts. 

Two weeks after the email goes out, the contact person in your organisation will receive the aggregated results of all the submissions from your organisation. This will include links to resources that can help you improve your score in targeted areas. 

We will send you guidance to conduct a similar survey at the end of each quarter. This will help you track progress on this organisational self-improvement journey.  

2. Policies & Codes of Conduct

2.4 - In our organisation, there are policies and practices that create a culture conducive to healthy gender relations..
(Please indicate if these policies and practices exist, and how well they are implemented).

3. Behaviours

Please pick one option from the list below under each statement, as best as you can recall: