End GBVF 100-Day Challenges

It’s time to grow the movement!

End GBVF Collective has taken on the challenge of implementing the GBVF National Strategic Plan (NSP). Great work has been done to operationalise the Plan. The key now is to turn this into action at every level, and particularly at the local level: in municipalities, in district court, in schools, at police stations, in community-based organisations, and in businesses!

The 100-Day Challenges that the End GBVF Collective organised in 2022, supported by the Ford Foundation, demonstrated that it is possible to do this. There were unprecedented levels of innovation and collaboration among organisations that participated  (see the interactive map below for more detail). The hallmarks of 100-Day Challenges (impact, innovation, collaboration, & implementation) will continue in the scaling phase. 

Taking this work to scale traditionally will take too long, and in and of itself, it may not be sufficient. What is needed is for more and more actors at the local level to take action, to support each other, to learn from each other, and to move together towards a common destination.

End GBVF Collective, with support from the World of Impact and funding from the Ford Foundation, will be organising 40-45 hundred-day projects in municipalities and courts in 2023. The plan is to organise 270 projects (in a variety of local contexts) in 2024, and 630 in 2025!

In alignment with the NSP pillars, each 100-Day Challenge will aim to make a significant improvement on one or more of these types impact areas:

  • Access, speed, and quality of resolution of the various types of GBVF-related court cases
  • Prevention in the workplace and schools
  • Integrated crisis response
  • Post-crisis integrated care

What is the overall strategy to do this?

We are also excited about building into the scaling efforts other elements that we believe will strengthen the movement and further amplify its impact:

Organisations, including courts and municipalities, will be invited to join the Collective as “Amplifier Organisations”. They will benefit from some perks, including the privilege of becoming eligible to organise 100-Day Challenges. In return, they will need to do some ”inner” GBVF work on themselves. This include an organisational “GBVF Health Check” to help them take stock of their own practices and behaviours and to identify where they need to improve. We will also provide them with pathways and tools for improvement. 

To provide strategic guidance to 100-Day Challenge teams, and to help connect the learning emerging from these local teams to the national strategy and agenda, we are organising Learning & Impact Labs that are steered by thought leaders in the relevant GBVF impact areas. In 2023, we will get two Labs up and running: Localisation Lab hosted by COGTA, and Justice Lab hosted by the Justice sector.

We are developing a GBVF Dashboard that will help our 257 municipalities continually monitor progress on GBVF indicators in their locality, and compare this to trends in their province and the nation. This will help municipalities monitor outcome indicators, such as the incidence of domestic violence each month, and also track their progress on building the proper policies, practices and infrastructure (e.g. functioning Thuthuzela Care Centres, Rapid Response teams etc.). We will be piloting this dashboard with the 100-Day Challenge municipalities in 2023.

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