GBVF NSP 100-Day Challenges is a programme of the End GBVF Collective supported by the Ford Foundation, to pilot the 100-Day Challenge process as a way to fast-track the implementation of the NSP-GBVF at local level.   Day 1 of 100 was 1 April 2022.

Interested in doing a 100-Day Challenge?

We are scaling and doing more 100-Day Challenges in 2023, if you are interested complete the “Express an interest” form.  You will receive updates and the application link in January 2023.

GBVF NSP 100-Day Challenge- Close-Out Celebration

At a National Close-out held on 23 August 2022,  Seven Multi-sectoral teams in districts across South Africa have presented the outcomes of the new collaborative way of working to end Gender-Based Violence & Femicide (GBVF) 

The 100-Day Challenge teams have shared and celebrated the impact, discoveries made and lessons learned on their journey. 


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