Who We Are

The NSP Collaborative platform was created as an informal and voluntary platform, open to all stakeholders involved in GBVF response in South Africa. It is undergirded by a strong Coordination and Communication structure. The collaborative platform creates space for stakeholders from government, civil society, development agencies, and private citizens to think and plan together. Participants find expression of their interests and skills by joining one or more of the six pillars. 

What We Do

Pillar teams focus on the implementation of priority interventions of the National Strategic plan, whilst the Coordination and Communication Teams serve as a container for the work of the pillars and the collaborative as a whole.

How We Work

Pillar meetings

Pillar meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis, during which progress  on prioritised interventions are discussed and managed.

Collaborative meetings

Pillar team members also attend monthly Collaborative meetings which bring together all pillars to facilitate mutual learning and collaboration.

Join Us

Join other like-minded individuals and institutions with skills, experience and interest in changing the GBVF trajectory of our county through research and information management

Contact Us - Whitney Leje - whitney.leje@women.gov.za

Collaborative Workspace

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