End GBVF Collective - WORKSPACE

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Need Help  – Nanazi Mkhize  (Nanazi.Mkhize@dwypd.gov.za) 


For the collective to be collaborative, we must share information (name, surname, email, number) between partners and organisations. So if you are uncomfortable with sharing your personal information, please create an email account for this purpose.

The Administrators will ask permission from Pillar Convener to share their email on the Collaboratives website and with others outside the Collaborative on request.

Our primary means of communication will be via email. The secondary will be WhatsApp groups created by pillars and the Official NSP Collaborative WhatsApp group through which we will share information. Emails may have attachments of up to 5MB, although we will share documents using a link to our Working website as far as possible.

Sharing information outside the Collaborative partners

When the Collaborative administrators receive a request for emails from organisation or partners outside the Collaborative, the Strategic Alignment support team will review the request for relevance to the GBVF NSP and the Collaborative work and share Pillar conveners emails.

Collaborative partners should communicate changes of contact details to the Collaborative administrators Whitney Leje