The Collective’s Strategic Alignment team is inviting organisations in the End GBVF Collective to join a circle of Amplifiers – organisations that are willing and able to do some extra things to advance the cause. Over time, Amplifiers may be tapped by the Collective to support other organisations that want to amplify their impact on GBVF-related issues in their community. 

To join the Amplifier circle, you will need to complete the GBVF 101 online orientation module and to participate in a quarterly assessment of how well the organisation is doing in terms of GBVF practices. This will be done via the Collective’s GBVF Health Check survey (to be completed by all personnel in the organisation).  

Amplifier organisations will be eligible for the following privileges:

  • Accessing training support on GBVF-related topics. 
  • Getting preferential consideration in funding requests from philanthropic organisations supporting the Collective
  • Joining the Accelerator Club – organisations that host GBVF 100-Day Challenges in their respective communities.
To become an End GBVF Amplifier organisation – click to Join the Circle